Pax Eos 100H+

Ventilation unit with heat recovery. Equipped with preheater, humidity sensor and remote control. With mounted cable and plug.
  • Replaces the air and retains the heat
  • Saves both heat and money
  • Simple and attractive installation


Pax Eos with preheating provides an added advantage when it is cold outside. Before the cold air from outside enters the house, it is preheated to at least 18 ° C, so that it is close to ordinary room temperature right from the start. It is both nice and energy-saving. If you want Eos to automatically provide as economical operation as possible when it is cold outside, set Eco mode. If you want the automatics instead to give an even inflow of artificial red, comfortable air, switch to Comfort mode. For Scandinavian conditions Pax Eos is a solid building, equipped for Scandinavian conditions. Of course, it is tested and S-marked, double-insulated and IP24-rated. It has an EC motor, that is, a brushless DC motor that is incredibly reliable. No condensation drain Eos does not need a condensation drain, because the intelligent control regulates the air flows so that condensation cannot occur. Filter replacement To ensure really good air quality and function, Eos has dual filters. They are easy to change themselves, which should be done once every six months - Eos tells himself when it's time. The standard filters are available for purchase via our retailers. Bad space in the bathroom? Do you have little room to mount Eos in the bathroom or laundry room? Then, on request, we can factory-assemble a pipe / hose connector for the exhaust air. In this way, Eos can be placed in, for example, an adjacent wardrobe.
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  • Articlenumber
  • Electrical Supply Phase
  • ProtectionIP
    IP 24
  • InsulationClass
  • Maximum capacity (m3/h)
  • Percentageleakage(%)
  • Sound pressure level 3m dB(A)
  • Material
  • Installation type
    Wall, Ceiling void, Ceiling
  • Heater max. effect at OA -20 ° C (W)
  • Productname
    Pax Eos 100H+
  • Power consumption(W)
  • Functions
    Humidistat, Airflow Sensor
  • SupplyVoltage (V)
    230V AC
  • MotorType
  • Plastic material detail
  • EtimCode
  • EAN 13