Radiator 1600x300, 1000W/400V

Electric oil-filled radiator, height 300 mm, width 1600 mm, single panel, 1000W, 400V
  • Smart energy-saving feature
  • Hidden thermostat
  • Single panel
  • 1000W / 400V
  • Width 1600mm, Height 300mm


Oil-filled radiators
An advantage of choosing oil-filled radiators is that they offer a better indoor environment since they do not dry out the air. Nor do they become hot enough to combust and disperse dust particles, which improves the indoor climate for those with respiratory sensitivity.

Comfort and energy-saving temperature
Pax oil-filled radiators are equipped with a smart energy-saving feature. Since the thermostat unit has integrated control intelligence, you can adjust the temperature individually as needed for each room.

Energy efficient
Using the thermostat in a conventionally insulated house is very energy efficient! Every one degree reduction in temperature over 20°C equals a reduction in heating cost of roughly 3-5%.

Allows air to circulate
Pax radiators are built to provide even air movement around the panel, therefore we advise against using a radiator guard.
The folded metal section on the back is called the convector, and it has been design to have a larger surface area than conventional radiators. This allows the radiator to be made more compact but with the same output.

Our radiators require permanent installation and must be installed by a licensed electrician.
Ask your installer to check the connection voltage in the room in which you intend to place the radiator to ensure that you get the right radiator in the right place.

Sizing - calculation
Typically, around 60-80W per m2 usually covers the heating demand without overworking the radiator, provided that the rooms have a normal ceiling height of 240/250. For higher ceiling heights, heating must instead be sized according to volume, at around 25-35W per m3. Keep in mind that having many windows and large exterior wall surfaces may increase the heating demand compared to the typical wattage.

On the other hand, the heating demand decreases in rooms with small windows and/or little exposure to exterior walls. If the room for which you are sizing has always been cold, ensure that the new radiator is able to provide a little more output.

Higher radiator output does not mean higher electricity consumption, it ensures that the radiator will always be able to heat the room without having to operate continuously at full capacity. By oversizing slightly, the panel surface will never be perceived as uncomfortably warm. However, undersized heater output will require the heater to work at high capacity, and, as a result, the panel may be perceived as excessively hot.

If a radiator must be scrapped, all radiator oil – both vegetable oil and mineral oil – must be handed in to a recycling centre. Contact your municipality for further information. (Swedish regulations).

Advantages of Pax oil-filled radiators:

1. Discreetly placed electronic thermostat with precise control.

2. Selectable automatic switching (4°C) between comfort and energy-saving temperature, with repeating timer.

3. Anti-frost temperature (7°C).

4. Low-temperature design: surface temperature max. 60°C (adjustable function).

5. Max. temperature limiting: max. 23°C in the room (adjustable function).

6. Quiet electronic thermostat and no moving parts

7. Made in Sweden.

8. 5 year warranty.

Radiators for different needs
Pax has one of the widest range of quality radiators on the market. No matter if you are just replacing an existing radiator or installing a new heating system in your home, we have the model for you.

Adjustable mounting brackets always included
Pax radiators always come with adjustable mounting brackets at no extra charge. This saves plenty of time for the installer and makes cleaning easier.

Manufactured in our factory in Hälleforsnäs - the heart of Sörmland
For your safety, each individual radiator undergoes very thorough quality and safety tests. All Pax radiators are, of course, S-marked. It is your assurance of safety and electrical safety.
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  • Articlenumber
  • Electrical Supply Phase
  • ProtectionIP
    IP 24
  • Material
  • Width (mm)
  • Depth (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Installation type
  • Productname
    Radiator 1600x300, 1000W/400V
  • Power consumption(W)
  • Functions
    Run on Timer
  • Environmental Certificate
  • SupplyVoltage (V)
    400V AC
  • EtimCode
  • Maximum operating temperature (°C)
  • Minimum operating temperature (°C)
  • EAN 13
  • HeatOutput (W)