EXPIRED - Pax Chinook

Chinook fan for ducts with at least Ø 100 mm inner diameter The fan is supplied with a separate chassis damper.
  • Two speeds + boost
  • Humidity sensor
  • Low speed 50m3/h. High speed 120m3/h. Boost speed 220m3/h (option)
  • Manually switch or cord


Two speed fan and boost function. Humidity sensor and after-running.
Pax Chinook is a powerful fan that is exceptionally suited as a reinforcement of the home’s basic ventilation and for forced ventilation of moisture and odours from wet areas.
The fan is intended for continuous operation on low speed (50 m3/h). This creates a constant, beneficial air change rate that has a positive effect on the entire house’s indoor climate.
In addition, the fan has a humidity sensor which automatically forces the fan to high speed (120 m3/h) or to a selectable boost speed (220 m3/h) when the humidity level exceeds the set value. It can also be installed in parallel for changeover between basic flow and maximum flow via a switch or cord.

Secure – Safe
Every single Pax Chinook undergoes thorough quality and safety tests. We offer a five-year warranty for Pax Chinook. Approved for installation in wet rooms (IPX4).

The fan is a so called “slide-in module” and fits into ventilation ducts with at least Ø 100 mm inside diameter. It is easy to install and easy to clean. The motor is mounted in ball bearings and can be installed in an optional position (ceiling or wall).
The fan is supplied with a separate backdraught shutter. The backdraught shutter is used if the fan is installed in the external wall duct, and should only be used manually via a switch or cord (without basic ventilation).
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  • Articlenumber
  • Electrical Supply Phase
  • ProtectionIP
    IP 44
  • InsulationClass
  • Sound pressure level 3m dB(A)
  • Material
  • Maxpressure (Pa)
  • Installation type
    Wall, Ceiling void, Ceiling
  • Productname
    EXPIRED - Pax Chinook
  • Power consumption(W)
  • Functions
    Humidistat, Pullcord, Run on Timer
  • Environmental Certificate
  • SupplyVoltage (V)
    230V AC
  • MotorType
  • Plastic material detail
  • EtimCode
  • EAN 13